Top Menu - lost

I feel like the stupidest person in the world, and I hate to waste people’s time, but…

Where has the top menu gone? I know there are contextual pop ups. I have searched the settings for ages to see if there is a toggle. I am beginning to feel like I imagined its existence, but I see it referenced here ([Launched] Coda’s Most Colorful Customization for Charts, Columns & Conditional Formats yet!) recently,

Help. Lost.

Hi @Andrew_Milne :blush: ,

If you mean the contextual toolbar (where we could select bold, italic, underline and so on… ) at the top, it disappeared few weeks back :blush:
And as far as I know, the possibly to toggle this on or off also disappeared when it was launched :blush:

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Ah, that is what I was looking for, and I hadn’t actually gone crazy… Thanks! I did search, but didn’t find

No problem :wink: !

I also had to search a bit before retrieving the right topic :sweat_smile: !