Not able to color text or highlight

did something change about how text editing works in the canvas and i missed it?

i used to be able to highlight text and the contextual menu that opens had options for text color and highlighting among others. that is gone now.

the contextual menu now only has buttons for bold, italic and underlined (greyed out) and add a comment.


i know its not likely that coda does not allow you to bold, underline or italizice text anymore, but i don’t see any new setting for this.

any ideas?

Is the page itself locked?

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If the page is not locked, and you have more than Comment Only rights, this might be a bug. If refreshing the page and/or clearing browser cache doesn’t work, writing to Coda support is your way :slight_smile:

@Paul, thanks. i did not realize the intricacies of the permissions from locking the document. my objective is to prevent users from deleting rows. i might have changed something a few weeks ago without realizing that it would have the side effect of not being able to highlight text anymore. it seems unconnected. if you can create rows in tables, you should be able to apply all styles to that text without needing a separate permission. the edit page text permissions sees like it should apply to text in the canvas but it turns out it also applies to text in canvas columns.

i changed the default settings in locking to include edit page text and that means i can keep the document locked to prevent row deletions and the text highlighting is still available.

many thanks.

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@Scott, you gave me the key hint. i had no idea that locking the document could affect the ability to highlight. i looked through the settings to see if i had something wrong, but i never thought to look there.

BTW, i watch all your youtube videos. most more than once. i usually come back and review them again later. you rock. i find that you have very clever solutions and i get a lot of coda ideas and insights.

i hope your new ai generated video titles and descriptions are working out well for you. i thought you should have made that document a little bit more sophisticated to keep track of the views per day before and after the change and have a bit of a histogram of views per day for each video along with when the title and description changed and what the text was was before and after.

this way you could get a sense of what types of changes are having the most impact. also, the text for a video could change more than once; maybe after 3 separate changes the views could go up significantly but you would not notice. come to think of it, this could be a document that you make more robust and make available to others like your todo list document. i think there could be a lot of interest in this.

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Thanks for the amazing feedback! Really appreciate it!

I am also having a trouble highlighting text so i can perform
actions such as cutting and pasting. I’ve refreshed, logged out etc. I also have full control on the document.

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