Colors changed and now I cannot see any text

Yesterday, Coda was fine. This morning I wake up, go to manage my stuff and all the colors are now some horrible pastel shades of what they were which is making EVERYTHING that is in color UNEADABLE. Lighter colors need darker text, darker colors need lighter text. Now that everything is light, all the text is not readable.

WHY? WHO DID THIS? Is this some horrible Coda update that is going to require a lot of work to redo or is soemthing else affecting my color?

Please help. I’ve got hours of work to re-do if this is the new color scheme.

That sounds pretty weird :thinking:.

I personally didn’t see any color changes in my docs today.

Could you take a screenshot of some “colored text sample” and post it here, so we could see what you mean :blush: ?

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I’d also like to understand how the updates affected your work. If you don’t feel comfortable posting it here, I can follow up with you via chat to discuss more in-depth.

I didn’t take a screen shot. I rebooted and colors went back to normal. If it happens again I’ll take a screen shot for comparison.

I’m very glad to know a reboot fixed your problem :grin: !

I didn’t know this when I replied to you, but they were effectively working on colors as we now have bolder ones :grin:, so maybe it was just a glitch in your doc linked to this update …