Spellcheck, Markdown, Colors and more!


Hi all!
We just launched a bunch of new improvements to text editing, many of which came directly from your requests. Take a look!

  • Spellcheck, finally!
  • Markdown shortcuts as you type (hit ⌘ + / on Mac or Ctrl + / on PC to see them all)
  • New text formatting – font & highlight colors, H3 headers, indent anywhere, shift+enter for paragraphs & whitespace within lists, an improved code block style with shaded background

Stay tuned for a couple more coming soon (we’ve heard your requests for an inline code style :slight_smile: )

We’d love your feedback, and any details we may have missed. We want to make sure these new features meet your needs, and would love to hear from you!




@nathan these are awesome! I especially like how you chose to implement the cheatsheet with ⌘ + / Love it!



Hi @nathan can I add some feeback re: highlight colors? I’ve been playing with Notion and in the select lists there, each item can be given a colour, like a Coda highlight. I’ve replicated this in Coda using a separate table for the select list values and then adding a highlight to each item there. It’s works fine, but more colour options would finish it off. Also, my personal preference would be 3px padding left and right around the highlighted word, plus some border-radius, but that’s just me. The extra styling might not work in other instances of highlighting.