Grammarly Support

Because of how structures documents, I imagine this is quite a ways off. However, having grammarly support would be absolutely amazing. My current workaround is to copy the document out of coda into grammarly, fix things, and then bring the text back into coda (without formatting lost).

Really, any kind of spelling/grammar support would be wonderful.


@jakobheuser I have the same need.

Currently, I first write in Grammarly ( and after that I copy and paste into Coda.

If there was support for Grammarly I would save that extra time.

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@jakobheuser @Raul_San_N.H

Too bad that the Chome extention isn’t functional either…


I too use Grammarly, but to be honest, just basic spell check is something I deeply crave. Isn’t it baked into Chrome? Has the dev team gone out of the way to disable spell-check?

Hi folks,

You’re correct that Coda currently disables both the built-in Chrome spellcheck as well as the Grammerly integration. Both caused issues with how our editing component functions and required engineering investment in order to work correctly. We’re looking at adding basic spellcheck support in our next set of feature work. No commitment on date but just know that it’s something we’re actively working on.



Thanks Nigal however the basic spellcheck is on par with Window 97… sorry buddy, but I’ve had to bounce from Coda until you cat integrate with Grammarly or build the equivalent spellcheck at best, google docs. I stupidly spend some time working Coda out, moving over a few docs and invested hours setting things up as I just fell in love with the platform. However I then went to build my first actual doc and nearly shat my pants over the spellcheck. Look forward to you cats having a 2018 spellcheck offering that will honor it’s very own platform.

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How is the current status on Grammarly support?

I’m a native German I also use Grammarly quite frequently writing mail and check English docs.

Since the last post on this topic was made a while ago is there any progress on this?


I NEED Grammarly support. Please!


If you give us Grammarly integration in a section (page) and in a text column - it would be a start.

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