Really support Markdown, or stop claiming so

I spent a good while attempting to use Markdown in Coda, as this document seems to imply that it is possible:

However, finally I realized that Coda has no Markdown support - it merely has some keyboard shortcuts that may help people coming from Markdown. Markdown is a strict specification that defines exactly how the markup should be parsed. Supporting Markdown would mean that it should behave as Markdown markup behaves, it should be possible to switch between Markdown and WYSIWYG editing, or atleast copy&paste in Markdown.

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Hi @Nuutti_Kotivuori1, thanks for your feedback. We prioritized enabling a core set of markdown shortcuts as you type before adding copy/paste support, as that’s what our customers had most frequently requested. Since some of the engineering work is separate, we didn’t want you to have to wait until we can offer complete support including copy/paste before benefitting from some of the common cases.

Beyond copy/paste, do you have examples of specific behaviors you’d expect to be different?

If it is a work in progress, then that’s great to hear.

My use case is actually pretty simple - I want to use Coda as a CMS-lite for a website that uses Markdown as markup (or actually it uses Gatsby so I can implement any markup I want). Initially, users should be able to copy&paste event descriptions from Coda to the website - but ultimately the Markdown format should be available via API so the whole process can be automated fully.

Other than that, it was only the point that if Markdown support is declared, it should actually adhere to CommonMark or similar, and not just be something homegrown.

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Sounds great @Nuutti_Kotivuori1, i’m interested in this very same use case also.

Hey can you share a bit about how you are using Coda as a CMS-lite? Are you using section embeds or the API? I want to do something similar but am not sure the best way to get out of the coda sandbox.

Just found this thread

I can’t believe what happens when you paste Markdown into Coda (nothing). This is a real turn off for our engineers

How does one properly import Markdown please?

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Vote for better Markdown support. There’s no easy way to import or copy/paste Markdown content to Coda at the moment. This stops us from moving to Coda from other platforms.