Really support Markdown, or stop claiming so

Four things that will make writing in Coda much more enjoyable/usable:

  1. True Markdown support
  2. Better code blocks (with syntax highlighting etc)
  3. Layout blocks/components (eg; columns and dumb tables)
  4. A monospace font option would be nice
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while you can’t get a true monospace font, you can make things into code blocks and that will make it use a monospace font (+ some background formatting that you may or may not like)

I could move my whole company off Altassian on to Coda. Just require Markdown support for the engineering team. Be great if this could be prioritised up the list.


Just found this thread. Imagine my surprise when I tried to paste a very simple Markdown buffer into a Coda document and it did not work properly. I guess I kind of expected that to be one of the first things that a modern document-oriented system would do.
It really does limit my confidence in being able replace competing platforms. Both Jira and ClickUp support Markdown.

How about this text box? Does it support Markdown?

well maybe not

Hmm it actually sort of -does-

It’s really unbelievable that after all this time they cannot get this right.

For other users reading this: The competition (Notion) is able to parse Markdown properly. And copying from Notion to Coda does work so while not great, it’s an easy way to get Markdown into Coda by using the competition as an intermediate step :confused:

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Agree with Clarence. This feature and poor search in Coda is the reason why our engineering team is still on Confluence. They refuse to have technical documentation in Coda.

Update: Sadly my company moved everyone over to notion but on the positive we are saying :wave: to confluence finally.

Our main stumbling blocks were adoption and MS sso support. Default log in screen in Coda (dashboard) was difficult for users to orientate and majority of screen not useful. Too many layers Dashboard > Workspace > Folder > Doc.

In notion we use one workspace and a simple folder tree to organise company wiki. You login you straight away see all the company resources and structure. Teams favourite folders they want quick access to. Onboarding super easy and intuitive. Engineering get their markdown support.

Totally gutted. Coda page level features and smart table are miles better than notion. It’s genius and easy to use. Case of right engine bad chassis.

:pray: the more I pester the coda team more likely they take on feedback fix the org structure and default view so their ahead of the game and create a product we can easily roll out company wide… until then :pensive: settling for the competition.