Editing Visual Design (Colors) of Cards

I’m creating Cards to display data synced from an Airtable database, but I can’t figure out how to edit the colors, font/size, and other visual elements of each card? In the Team Roster template I started with, the cards all had a blue frame. When I go to set up my own Cards from my own data, they are all white/no color and I can’t find any option to change that… in the ‘Cards Display’ section of the Options menu, all it allows me to do is toggle on and off the column labels and search bar. Are there no other options for changing the visual design, mainly colors, for Cards? Or do you change these settings somewhere in the source table that feeds data to each Card? Or I’m wondering if something about syncing the data from Airtable is not allowing for the usual design editing options? Appreciate any help, thanks!

Hi Caitlin! Have you tried applying Conditional Formatting to your cards?

If so, feel free to share your doc here so we can take a closer look at what you’re experiencing, or feel free to contact our support team at support@coda.io

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