Bringing conditional format to cross-doc synced tables

Hello, everyone. I have been using Coda for quite some time now, but one problem I never managed to solve, is to sync the Conditional Format of a table synced through Cross-doc.

Maybe it’s a simple thing to do, but I still can’t manage to find how to do it. Is it possible?

(example: I have a table of status in a doc, where backlog is grey, ready to start is blue, in progress is purple, done is green and canceled is red. When I sync this table to a new doc through Cross-doc, all rows are back to white, and I have to apply the Conditional Format all over again to each row.)

Hi @cesarzeppini and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

Per Coda’s documentation on Cross-Doc, conditional formatting is simply not pushed :blush:

It’s one of Q&A about Cross-Doc you’ll find on this somewhere in here :point_down: :blush:

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Thank you for the answer :slight_smile:
If that is worth anything, I would like to officially request the Coda devs to add that to their backlog :smiley: An option to bring custom data to the synced table.

No problem @cesarzeppini :wink: !

Requests, suggestions, feedback are always worth something :grin: !
I would even say that it’s not only welcome but encouraged :wink:

It might take some time to see a suggestion coming to life but our Dear Codans :coda: track these, they watch and listen so Coda can be improved where needed :wink:

Don’t hesitate to make it really really official by creating a Topic in the #suggestionbox :wink:

There’s also a recent suggestion which seems somewhat related here :blush:

Has this been developed yet?

Not that I know, @Ivan_French :innocent:

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