Form Validation Error

I made a simple form for people to enter their daily cash and deposit totals.
The bi-weekly deposit total should exactly match the sum of their various daily cash amounts (added together in a column titled Expected Total Deposit $).

So, I placed a validation formula on the field that they enter the validated deposit total on (Total Validated Deposit Amount):
CurrentValue=thisRow.[Expected Total Deposit $]

This works great, most of the time.
But occasionally, the validation triggers false while, in fact, true.

In this case: 4 total daily cash entries:
$218.16, $132.58, $62.47, $153.46 = $566.67
When we enter $566.67 in the Validated Deposit Amount (the CurrentValue field), it is triggering a false result while true and not allowing the form submittal.

I’ve checked that all fields are formatted with currency. I’ve tried different validation formulas, such as currentvalue - expected deposit total $ = 0, etc. all with the same result.

I’m pretty new to Coda, so any insight into what I might be doing wrong would be really helpful.

In computer science floatingpoint comparisons can be tricky Comparing Floating-Point Numbers Is Tricky . I reproduced this, and this seems to be the case in this instance, add Round([sum calculation],2) to your expected total formula or to the validation rule to squash this.

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to avoid the rounding issue as @Diacom_Hoofddorp mentioned, you can also (as alternative to the mentioned logic) multiply each number with 100 (turn it into cents), sum them and at the end divide the total by 100.

I agree that this is an inconvenient first encounter, but I assume this is a way out.

Cheers, Christiaan

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hi @Eric_Heaston , did the response of @Diacom_Hoofddorp solve your issue, if so, we close this thread. Have a wonderful day, cheers, Christiaan

This draft can be used to verify the issue and the solution.

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Sorry for the delay in response.
This solution totally worked, and I learned a LOT in the process about how to build out this type of formula going forward.
Thank you so much,

This works too!
You guys are great for helping me out.
I’m learning a lot.

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