Numver validation - fail to figure out

Hi Community!

I consider myself an intermediate Coda user. Which leads to worlds of frustration, because I just can’t figure out how the data validation works. Entering something like CurrentValue > 100 does not seem to have any discernible effect on how the form works. it simply accepts any kinds of values. without any warnings, input rejects, just nothing.
Could anyone point out to me, what I’m doing wrong?

Unfortunately the validation is for Forms only. It doesn’t work in Detail Layout mode at all.

In Forms interface there’s the Submit button, whereas in detail layouts you’re directly editing cells on an existing row. Hence probably it was never implemented there — it’s hard to figure out when the validation should fire (on every edit? on the cursor leaving the field?) and how to rollback the value / which value exactly to roll back to.

If this is an intake interface, you can replace it with a /form for this table. This would be a local form that would collect submissions immediately, i.e. this is not an embed.

Thank you Paul, now it makes sense. I thought something was wrong with me :slight_smile:

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