Data Entry Validation

I need a method to check and format data entry and reject, with a message, invalid data. Something like an event AfterNewRow or something similar that would allow me to interrogate the values entered and get invalid entries corrected.

@mallika’s solution on your other thread does just that.

Could you elaborate why that doesn’t work for you?

No it doesn’t. I want a data entry validation to occur as data is entered not as some process that runs after. This is a very normal, and very important part, of manipulating data.

Scenario is a person enters data into a field and then moves to another field. Before they can start entering data in the new field I get to run code that interrogates the data and takes action based on it’s content. Part of this may be alerting the user to correct a data entry error.

What I shouldn’t have to do is run validation essentially offline in a process when the user may not even be in CODA anymore. Sure this works for trivial things like changing the case but what if I want to validate based on many other fields in the record and ensure the values are within bounds in the current field. After the fact is too late.

Understood. Sounds like you want to separate the input form from the actual data table. Then you’d be able to validate the data before adding to the master table.

See if this example helps:

Pretty fudgy way of doing it though.

I would be much better to have validation supported directly in CODA through a robust event model. If you look at how many grid controls work they validate via an event model.