Formatting on Forms

Hey there!
It has been a long time since I haven’t wrote here.
I just began to use the Form for a playtest purpose.
It’s really great, but I have a suggestion: I would love more options for the form description: some formatting options like insert link, break line etc…

It’s necessary as to present the form, it’s purpose and to give links in it.



No one? I’m feeling that there’s a real lack of more presentation options for the forms. Especially the main description. Just make a line break is impossible.

Having the same issue! Cannot add links or line breaks - would also love the option to add a “box” that has no questions, just a description but haven’t been able to do that either

On top I also feel that Forms missing ability to add images!
WIll be good if we can see the linked image to some of the list selection on the form itself…

It’s a slippery slope for the Coda team to start turning Forms into a general purpose website editor. Where to draw the line?

@rebs What I’ve done in the past to display a guide is to create a text column that has a formula that references the text from somewhere else (e.g. another table or a formula), and then have this column hidden everywhere except for in the form layout. Hack, but works.

On the other hand, I think that by making these other surfaces within the tool (forms, layouts, formula editors, and cells) they miss the opportunity to reuse the incredible power of the page everywhere.

In pages we can do everything we want. So, how great would it be if Forms could be pages with a Submit button, cells could be pages within the rows of tables.

I think maybe this is the long term vision and it just presents a technical hurdle, but there is so much opportunity for leveraging the power of pages+formulas+buttons+tables+controls in all sorts of contexts. It would be wonderful if they could be unified.