Copy URL title as plane text w/o linking

THIS THREAD HAS BEEN MOVED HERE: Access link column data

There is a well known thread in the Coda community which can be found here: Extract title from URL in TEXT format - #7 by Daniel_Stieber

However, this thread doesn’t quite solve my problem.

What I need to do is;

  1. extract the ‘title’ of a URL as plane text;
  2. copy the plane text to a new column;
  3. In the new column, I do not want the plane text be a link, only the title.!AppInZnPGnxPg8gUY6HH30GVdr_rqA

The following methods have failed:

  1. Composing: The composed field copies the URL title as the full URL
  2. Composing w/ toText(): The toText() formula copies the full URL, not the title
  3. Splicing and nth: Too inconsistent and hard to read

Hey @gisepi
it seems like there were some changes on the behaviour of URL columns, which make .totext() no longer work to extract the title, but to extract the url w/o link functionality.
I will try to raise the attention for additional url functionalities Access link column data again.

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