Column Type "Row"

Sorry if this is already out there as a request - I searched the community though and couldn’t find explicit mention of it.

I am trying to use Coda for Product/Team management, and really missing the ability to relate any row in a doc to any other. It’s been a limitation for me to have to fall back on lookups between tables, meaning that I can’t easily relate a row to any other if I have say 10+ tables, and I intend many more in fact in the Team Mgmt doc I am trying to create, unless I have 10+ lookups to account for each table.

It occurred to me that if there was a Column Type that could draw from an entire doc, this would really help out with this issue. What’s more, being able to name the column, a major feature of Coda, would give some super functionality of having the ability to define what the relation is. The best implementation of this I’ve seen in another app is in Jira where you can not only link any “issue” (equivalent of a row in Coda) to another, you can define the name of the relation, such as things like:

“Discovered during”



“Is Caused by”

Since Coda already lets you name the Column any way you want, we’d already have the ability to configure the name of the relation built in!

This is how Jira lets you control the names of the links on both sides, I think being able to do this would also be very useful in Coda:

You can see that “outward” and “inward” descriptions can be edited, giving great context depending on which of the rows you are viewing

What’s more, if you could both create a row (you’d need the ability to also pick which table it goes into, but I’d hope that wouldn’t be too difficult), as well as have the ability to reference multiple rows, this would be a hugely flexible tool.

It’s also closely related to two other features I sorely miss that I’d love to hear back from the Coda team about plans on:

Thanks guys for listening! Hope this is clear, and would love to hear thoughts both from the Coda community, and Coda team about the viability of this and when we could possibly see it implemented. Or, fingers crossed, news that’s it’s already in the works!

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Hi again.

This is probably novice-level follow-on commentary, but it occurred to me that this solution would potentially require the destination row’s table to have an equivalent “linked row” column. That may be awkward, as I guess that would force create these columns across every table who’s row was mentioned, and that could be a lot since I’m proposing that this column be able to reference each and every other row in Coda.

What is probably the logical way to handle this in the destination row, which may have been implied in my suggestion in the first place, is to simply add some kind of “mention” area where you’d have a text such as “caused by” and then the link to the “mentioning” row.

So in reality I am in effect talking yet again about

and this is just another potential implementation in Coda!

Whatever directly you guys decide to go with this, I’d really like to see it soon. I continue to miss this basic functionality of nocode/data apps it the more I work forward in Coda!

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