[Feature Request] Relationship Column (alongside Lookup Column)

Lookup column provides us with a 1-way “relationship”, as in, we can set a relationship from table A to table B. However, a proper relationship column would be one that automatically creates a column in the referenced table that holds all references to a row in that table.

I.e.: if I create a Parent Relationship to a Table A from Table B, Table A would get an auto-generated column relationship back to A. I could then alter the name on that column afterwards.


  • This would allow editing this relationship from both perspectives.
  • Reduce the number of Lookup columns, improving performance. (as this would be called at Edit/Alter lifecycle and be made performant.)
  • Reduce the number of Automation rules that are currently required to maintain an editable lookup relationship, improving performance.

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For the community: There is a “hack” (?) where if you use a “Text” column instead of a “Lookup” column driven through a formula, then you can dynamically add rows to the target relationship through the Detailed View of a specific row.