Creating a bi-directional row-level relationship between two tables

Has anybody created a way to have a bi-directional row-level relationship between two tables in a non-manual way?

I have a set of notes (table) that I reference regularly. One of the columns book(s) is a lookup to a separate table. When I select a specific book from that lookup, I want to have an entry in the book table to reference the notes that I have a relationship to this book. I can do this manually, but I was wondering if there was a way that I could do this in an automated fashion, or by using a formula.

The screen shots below reference both the notes table and the books table.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, this will be a pattern that I will replicate for other Coda solutions.

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Well, I obviously solved it using LOOKUP to accomplish this simple functionality. :blush::exploding_head:

I should have dug in a little more to solve this simple problem. Sorry for that guys.


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Happy Birthday Fred!

Glad you figured it out!

Curious , did you just want the book info to show up in the notes table or also in the books table you wanted to see all the notes for that book?

hey @mallika thanks for the birthday wishes.

I want to have the relations show up in both tables (i.e. bi-directional). this is something that I have used in where it is built-in functionality when you establish the relation between the two tables. (one-way or bi-directional).

I have created a simple lookup to solve this. It would be great if when choosing Lookup from table Coda asks if you want to have a one-way or bi-directional relationship.


I also use the notes table where I reference other notes within the same table. The nice thing about is when you create a relation between one note to another note, it can automatically create the relation from parent to child and child to parent automatically.

I should accomplish the same thing using LOOKUP() correct?