Formula Exercise - Editable reverse lookup column

When I add an new Goal in Objectives table and associate it with a Result, there is automatically a new row in Key Results table.


I need to manually go and select what Goal I would like to associate with the Key Result inside **Key Results** table.


I would like to have the Associated Objective column automatically filled, the way a reverse lookup formula would do, but without losing the ability to edit the Associated Objective column afterwards if I for some reason decide to.


Is it even possible? :worried:

Hi @Fran_Vidicek :blush: !

Edit: Oh I’m sorry… I completely missed that part of you post …

(I apparently still don’t have enough coffee in my system :sweat_smile: )

A field can’t be formulaically set up and editable at the same time so as far as I know, this wouldn’t be doable…
At least, I can’t think of a simple (or complex) way to do something like that at the moment … But maybe someone else would though :blush:

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It’s feasible either by :blush:

  1. Adding a formula in the lookup field [Associated Objective] in your [Key Results] table, something like :
       [Associated Objective].Contains(thisRow) 
    This should return the appropriate row(s) from your table Objectives in [Key Results]


  1. Let Coda do it for you :blush: … By adding a new field (using the big + standing at the end of your [Key Results] table). You should see in the suggestions at the top of the menu something like Referenced by where you should be able to select an existing link between your 2 tables :blush:

I hope this helps :blush:


There’s no way to do that directly, although it seems like Coda will implement it sometimes soon — recently they added collaborative filters (the feature everyone asked for) and before that added that “referenced by” column and published a quiz for how people would like those 2-way lookups to work. So they’re certainly thinking about it.

What you can do now:

  1. Use inputs on both sides (not formulas) and an automation that will get everything connected if either value changes. This will come at a delay though. Alternatively you can have a button on either side that will update the input on the other side.

  2. Something like this can be done through Detail view with subtables. If you have a simple filter set up, you’ll be able to link new items through a subtable view.


This is where my mind was actually stuck :upside_down_face:

Thank you Paul for the reminder once again :raised_hands: !

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:wave: Hi! I’m Ramesh, a PM at Coda.

Thanks for sharing this feedback - the good news is we are opening a new beta for a new linked relationships feature (aka bi-directional lookups), that make things like setting up Projects + Tasks, Recipes + Ingredients easier. The following is changing:

  • We are renaming the Lookup column type and canvas control to Relation.
  • We are adding a new column type called Linked Relation that represents the other side of this relationship
  • When you add a new Relation column, a Linked Relation column is created automatically
  • Editing is enabled on both sides by default
  • Existing “Reverse Lookup” columns added via the “Referenced by” menu option will be auto updated to Linked Relation with editing enabled

We’d love to have you try this out and get your feedback. If you’re interested, please fill out this form and see this page for other betas that we are running.

Please note that signing up for beta access to this feature will enable it only for you and your docs in your workspace (both existing and new).

Linked Relationships - Projects and Tasks