Formula Exercise - Editable reverse lookup column

When I add an new Goal in Objectives table and associate it with a Result, there is automatically a new row in Key Results table.


I need to manually go and select what Goal I would like to associate with the Key Result inside **Key Results** table.


I would like to have the Associated Objective column automatically filled, the way a reverse lookup formula would do, but without losing the ability to edit the Associated Objective column afterwards if I for some reason decide to.


Is it even possible? :worried:

Hi @Fran_Vidicek :blush: !

Edit: Oh I’m sorry… I completely missed that part of you post …

(I apparently still don’t have enough coffee in my system :sweat_smile: )

A field can’t be formulaically set up and editable at the same time so as far as I know, this wouldn’t be doable…
At least, I can’t think of a simple (or complex) way to do something like that at the moment … But maybe someone else would though :blush:

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It’s feasible either by :blush:

  1. Adding a formula in the lookup field [Associated Objective] in your [Key Results] table, something like :
       [Associated Objective].Contains(thisRow) 
    This should return the appropriate row(s) from your table Objectives in [Key Results]


  1. Let Coda do it for you :blush: … By adding a new field (using the big + standing at the end of your [Key Results] table). You should see in the suggestions at the top of the menu something like Referenced by where you should be able to select an existing link between your 2 tables :blush:

I hope this helps :blush:


There’s no way to do that directly, although it seems like Coda will implement it sometimes soon — recently they added collaborative filters (the feature everyone asked for) and before that added that “referenced by” column and published a quiz for how people would like those 2-way lookups to work. So they’re certainly thinking about it.

What you can do now:

  1. Use inputs on both sides (not formulas) and an automation that will get everything connected if either value changes. This will come at a delay though. Alternatively you can have a button on either side that will update the input on the other side.

  2. Something like this can be done through Detail view with subtables. If you have a simple filter set up, you’ll be able to link new items through a subtable view.


This is where my mind was actually stuck :upside_down_face:

Thank you Paul for the reminder once again :raised_hands: !

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