Can I make adding row table 1 than add 1 to connected table 2 automaticaly?

I’m digging al chen’s simple OKR tracker. And that template, when I add objective, there will be a new row named after added objective in Key result table.
It seems to use lookup feature but I can’t make this happen when I make my own tables.

How can It happen? Is he using automation or other fomula to make it possible?

Dear @Ri_Woong_Park, welcome :handshake:

The key result objective is a lookup from objectives table

Would you mind to share a copy of your dummy doc :question:

This is what I’m working on.

Thank you.

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You give me a serious language challenge :dark_sunglasses:
For bigger chances finding somebody to support you, please use English

I’m sorry. I wanted share 1 section that written in english, but whole doc istead.
This is what I working on .

Thank you.

Dear @Ri_Woong_Park,

I am sorry, but I can’t pay attention right now.
Please check a similar situation in the sample below. Hopeful it supports you understanding the logic