Transition, or "promote" a row, and maintain linked status with new row


I would like help trying to set up some rows that represent work items in my team that uses Coda for planning. We do a lot of brain dump into rows, and loosely collect these items as “ideas,” things like “fix broken Twitter API” to things like “build new feature on website.”

What I’d like to do is “transition,” or “promote” these ideas to their destination data type, be that a full on project with phases, or a one-off work item. However, I’d like to maintain a relationship with the original “idea” and the resulting new row in Coda. My vision here is that the idea would transition with the click of a button, then have its status automatically moved to “in progress.” The linked, new record, say a project, would have its own status. Ideally I’d like to know the table the new record will go into, but the record itself will not exist till it is created as a “promoted” version of the idea record. This may be even to an initial stage like “discovery” if we as a team decide to move the idea to some initial research steps. There would be a mapping so that as the project moves to “to do” and then “complete,” the original idea’s status moves along as well. This way you could create an idea log table, and display at all times the current state of all ideas, ones that are still in the backlog, ones that moved into production and the resulting projects are transitioning through their own workflows. Then, when the project is “done,” the idea’s status would also automatically move to “done.”

Very curious if this is possible, and how I could set it up. Thanks community!