Link individual rows within 2 separate project tables

Hi everyone! Newbie to Coda and testing out some possible features. Is it possible to link individual rows from 2 separately owned project tables?

For example:

  • one employee from team ‘x’ supports projects for team ‘a’ and team ‘b’

  • team ‘x’ has their own team project management table to track projects across various people on team ‘x’ who also support many other teams (team c, team d, etc)

  • team ‘a’ and 'team ‘b’ have their own tables to track projects as well that tracks team ‘a’ and team ‘b’ employees. To avoid having to manually add project rows to 3 different tables, is it possible to populate select rows from the team ‘x’ table to team ‘a’ and team ‘b’ tables. I see how to link to a row from another table but is it possible to populate the entire row while also controlling the editing from another source.

Thank you!!!

Hi Joanna, welcome to Coda, and to the community.

Short answer is yes, you can do what you describe.

Question is though, Why have different tables for different projects? It is (generally) MUCH simpler to have a single table and filter it.

Rambling Pete

Hi Pete!

A table for one team where that one team has a set amount of consistent individuals would def work. However some individuals support many teams/orgs that use their own Coda tables as trackers (or other type of non-Coda trackers). These tables house a variety of projects that other teams just don’t ever support/need to view and may be only relevant to just the one team. Support workers may filter in an out over time so will not remain consistent to various team’s projects across the entire enterprise. It’s also difficult to gain alignment across many teams for one singular table. So this is where it would be nice to have both options in our pocket: one table to support a main team and the ability to populate project rows into other team’s tables. Just unsure how to do that second one.



Hi Joanna,

There are a number of approaches you can follow.

  1. You can use addRow() in buttons and automations to add new rows to a table, populated by info from another table. The difficulty is always to make sure that there are no errors of omission or Commission.

The info is a copy, and changes will not reflect automatically.

  1. To address that, you could consider using a “intersection” table to link members/teams with projects.

  2. But probably that table will quickly get as large and more cumbersome than having a single project and a single team table. There does not need to be complete alignment on a shared table, just add the fields each needs, and then give them views.

Bear in mind, that chances are 99% you are not going to get an optimum design the first time you attempt this in Coda. I would suggest that you give yourself a couple of weeks/months to build one or two prototypes.

And I would still start with as few tables as possible, and only split of of you really, really have to.

It’s just a ramble… :sunglasses:
Rambling Pete

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