Conditional Formatting doesn't want to update

Hi there :grin: !

I think I kind of hit a bug (or at least something not that logical) with the new conditional formatting of a table.

In my table I use a select list to create some rules of conditional formatting :slight_smile:

I decided to change one of the selectable items Could be useful and simply replace it by Useful and then went to change the rule I previously created because the rule didn’t get this new value. (Which is normal)

I didn’t used the formula to create the rule, I just checked the checkboxes in the menu filtering by is any of but I wasn’t able to modify the rule that way even though the new value was there.

I had to go through the formula “pre-created” (as Coda wrote it for me) by the “non-formula” rule and modify it there.

No big deal :wink: as I was able to make this work :wink: but I don’t see any logical reason for why I simply couldn’t update that rule without going through the formula :thinking: .

PS: I’ve tested this on the lasted version of Chrome (78.0.3904.70) and Safari with the same results

Can confirm. Experienced this a few weeks ago. The new conditional formatting UI does not register changed values. The user must access the custom formula to reference the updated value.


@Ander Thank you for the confirmation :grin: ! I’m not feeling alone anymore :wink: !

Well this tiny bug get a little bit in the way of having conditional formatting without formula, as the whole point was to not having to go through formula :confused: (even though it’s still not a big deal :slight_smile: )

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Sorry for this issue. It’s a scenario we plan on supporting. For now the best workaround is to go edit the clause in the formula editor. We’ll come up with a fix soon to ensure that no-one needs to go to the formula editor to fix - after all the purpose of this feature is to minimize that! Thanks for the report.


Hi @Matthew_Tebbs :blush: ! Thank you for clarifying this :blush: !

It never crossed my mind that this scenario wasn’t implemented yet in the “new conditional formatting without formulas” :wink: .
It might be a little bit confusing though, especially for new users :wink: .
But like I said, it’s no big deal as the workaround is pretty obvious :wink: .

But I’m really glad to know that this scenario (“being able to modify a rule without having to go through the formula”) is somewhere on the roadmap :wink: .