Conditional formatting blocks the view of rows

Conditional formatting often block the view of the rows that I am testing whether it works. Here is an example: . Why not to have the formula window above the table, not on top of rows? Or have an ability to move it?

Thats good idea @Vytenis - currently the formula Window starts by trying to position below the button, but if there is not enough space on screen, it positions itself above the table. like in this screenshot.

Would love to hear thoughts from other community members if they have run into same issue as @Vytenis

@Krunal_Sheth, Thanks for suggestion. It would work only if there are very few rows below. I often have a situation with more than that. Hopefully this could be improved.

Talking about conditional formatting - here is a puzzle, which I have noticed several times aready. Same formula if retyped returns different result. Have a look at this. The top version is the formula that works incorrectly. I have typed that formula by copying from another cond. formating formula and pasting, then changing values for some variables to match column. In case you want to check, KM Pramogu arena.Kiekis = 5. So it definitely should not light up Red.

Then I have retyped the equation once again from scratch. I believe it is identical to the top. Now the cell is not lighted up in red. What’s going on? I saw this rather frequently and assume it has something to do with the way Conditional Formatting is refreshed or understands the formulas?

Hmm. That seems like a bug. its much harder to figure out whats going on without actually looking at document and the data. If you could share document with - that would definitely help.

Dear @Krunal_Sheth,

I have shared with you. The table I have shown to you is in “ĮrangosRezervacija” sheet.