Problem with Conditional Formatting

I’m trying to do add a “conditional formatting” rule to a table. The table was created in this template (, which I’ve copied and completely revised. (Thanks @Rod!).

First, there are the formula options that appear:

Since, the " = " doesn’t appear, which is what is used with all the rules that work, I choose one and then click into the formula and add the " = " there.

Then, after changing the formula to reflect what works below, I can’t complete the final step and get the rule to be applied. Instead, the new rule stays “above the fold” and doesn’t get accepted.

Any thoughts on what I’m missing?

Your screenshots show a toggle control called “Inherits Formats From: Apartments”. This indicates that you’re working on a View of a source table, rather than the source table itself.

When it’s toggled on, you can only change cf rules on the source table.

When it’s toggled off, you can create cf rules on the View, independent of the source table.

thanks @Ander.

The issue that I want to keep all 7 CF rules from the table/source that are already there and want to add an 8th, 9th, etc.

Is that possible?

Or to add, do I need to start from scratch and then duplicate all the rules and add my new ones?

I don’t think you can edit source rules from a View, or even set View rules to override source rules. But I’ve never actually had a need for this, so I’m unfamiliar with the details.

Although I just now tested it and verified that it’s possible to keep the cf rules from the source table, plus add an additional rule on the View. So maybe you can experiment with that and get something that works for you.


I played with this some more and was able to get View cf rules to override source cf rules. Have a look.