Conditional Formatting - Carryover Between Tables


I am trying to figure out how to carry over conditional formatting between tables in the same doc. When one table is a view of the other, the conditional formatting carries over, which is great. But if the tables are not linked, I cannot find a way to either 1) pull the conditional formatting over when referencing the other table via Lookup or otherwise, or 2) batch copy and paste the formatting rules. Example below:


In the above example, I cannot figure out a way to pull the formatting from the table Team into the table Favorites if they are not linked (Select list, Lookup, Filters, other formulas, etc. have not worked). I also cannot easily copy and paste the formatting rules. For clarity, formatting in this case references the coloring, since certain basic formatting can be done in other ways (e.g. italicizing).

If I do make Favorites a view of Team, I run into limitations with formatting if the data is repeated. For example, if the above Favorites table was made like this:

I would want each team formatted at the cell level. The only solution I found is to repeat the conditional formatting rules with each repeated set of rules only applying to one column. This makes it possible, but quite tedious if you have a large number of conditional formats.

Related, I am relying on conditional formatting since the table color options for text and background are currently limited compared to conditional formatting coloring options.

If anyone has any insights on this, or suggestions that may make this easier, I’d appreciate hearing them. I appreciated the knowledge share on this thread: Conditional Formatting Issue with colors, and figured maybe I’m missing something obvious.

Loving Coda overall!

Hi there! I was wondering if you ever found a solution to your problem? I’m trying to do the same thing. Was trying to set conditions based on the conditions in a different table but it was proving to be pretty finicky.

No - I did not find or receive a true solution. Mostly did workarounds using table views.

I’m hopeful Coda has the ability to copy and paste conditional formatting in the future, similar to Google Sheets.


No solution on this yet? I’m doing multiple tables with the same formatting, it’s quite annoying to recreate the conditions over and over…