Rename conditional format formulas

one of my columns on my doc turned a color and I couldn’t remember why it happened. I went into conditional formatting and had to reread the formula to figure out what it was that I did it for.

It would be nice if we could just go into conditional formatting and see the rule that we created and it just have a name or something so that I don’t have to remind myself by rereading the formula… like name it “xyz field is blank when status is this” so that I can see immediately why that happened.

That or be able to click on a card and it show somewhere what conditions it’s meeting to be a certain color or format whatever it may be.

obviously it didn’t take very long for me to read the formula… however it would be nice to name all of those, much like a variable or button so that it can be referenced much quicker if conditional formats are more complicated than the one I was just looking at.