Entering formula's for conditional formating of columns not working anymore?


I can only select predetermined conditions for column formatting (just like interactive filtering) but can not enter my own formula’s anymore. What’s wrong?


yes u can but you need to do it other way.
when you click on column with right click it seems that is not working, it must be a bug.
After you click on column with right click and you add formating, close the side panel and reopen it within table options. Then it should work.
Sorry for my eng.
P.S.: you need to click the three dots in conditional formating and show formula.

Hi Tomas,
Your workaround works but it is irritating


Just confirmed this bug.

Also, right clicking a cell in a column surfaces these menu options:

  • Filter column
  • Format column

Selecting either of these auto-generates rules in the table options side panel, tied to the specific column that received the right click.

I would like to be able to right click ANYWHERE on a table and get this menu option:

  • Table Options

Selecting this menu item would simply open the Table Options side panel without auto-generating any rules or being tied to any particular column. It would simply open the side panel, without requiring the user to scroll all the way to the top of the table to access the “Options” link.

Hi @Ander
can you please report this as a bug / make a bug thread?
Your english is much better.