Using a select control to highlight a row

Hi there,

I am trying to create the behavior that if I select an item using my selector, it both shows the corresponding table value inline, AND highlights the row in the table.

Here is an example.

When exploring the conditional formatting option, I see an option to create an interactive filter, which works great. But the I cannot use that control to pull up the inline value.


Hi there @Robin_Bigio :blush: !

I’m not sure I understood correctly your question :blush:, but is this what you were trying to do ?


YES! That’s it! For some reason I cannot open the formulas or conditional formatting options in your doc. Can you share?

That’s weird :confused: … But I had the same trouble with your doc though :thinking:

Well, for the conditional formatting, it’s the same thing as you’ve probably already done in your sample.
Here, I create the interactive filter when I create the conditional formatting :wink: .

Now, for the formula for the “you get”, it’s this one :

[Table 1 2].Filter([Column 1].Contains([Select Table 1 2])).[Column 2]

I hope this helps :blush: !

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Yes it did the trick!


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You’re welcome :grin: !

@Pch — one quick followup. For some reason the you get returns value within [square brakets]. See below, any ideas why?

Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 10.23.52 AM

Hmm :thinking: … would you mind sharing a screenshot of your actual formula @Robin_Bigio ? :blush:
It might just have something to do with how you formatted your actual table (at least those 2 fields) …

The brackets indicates there’s a list somewhere :wink: (if I’m not mistaken) … So, this might be easy to correct :wink: .

Edit : You could also try :

[Table 1 2].Filter([Column 1].Contains([Select Table 1 2])).[Column 2].ToText()


[Table 1 2].Filter([Column 1].Contains([Select Table 1 2])).[Column 2].ListCombine()

But without knowing how your field is formatted, I might be wrong here :blush:

.ToText() worked!!! brilliant, thanks so much @Pch! :heart:

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Ah :grin: ! I’m very glad to know one of the suggestions did the work @Robin_Bigio :grin: !!
(I had at least one or two left, if necessary :blush: )