Conditional lookups

Is it possible to create conditional formatting of column select lists based on a selection of one, say a parent control?

Use case:

We have a table with two columns, both select lists.

Column 1 is a parent selection (Fruit type) and column 2 is a child selection (colour). If user selects “apples” in the parent select list column A, then show “Red, Green” as select options in the child column B.

We could then have another folder with a table that is configurable. So we would have logic in that table that some how stipulates the relationship between apples and colours.

Any workarounds team?

You can specify a formula for select list values. Instead of hard-coded values, you can use a lookup result there.

One downside: when you then change your answer in Column 1, the answer in column 2 will stay that one previously selected option (e.g. when changing Apple to Banana, color will remain Red until you re-open and re-select the color from the list of banana colors)