Filtering a Chart via 3 Dropdown Selectors

Hi all,

I’ve gone crazy trying to figure this one out (as it seems like it should be so simple) and hoping to get a helping hand.

I’m trying to create a table that is filtered based off 3 different dropdowns. The dropdowns match to the columns with the same names.

Ideal State Example: [User wants to see a small size, CL with a goal that is acquire] User select each of the dropdowns. The table then displays any rows containing Small, any rows containing CL, and any rows containing Acquire all in one view.

The challenges I’ve run into with this:

  1. Matching identification - the formulas I’ve used do not properly detect all of the keywords (ex. With ‘small’ it only pulls exactly ‘small’, not ‘small, medium’) or they add other keywords that should be omitted, like ‘large’
  2. Filters not playing nice - formulas canceling each other out when trying to filter. ex. Size works but then is cleared when Cover is added

Added bonus: if anyone has a trick to show All Rows when none of the dropdowns are selected, that would be amazing.

Appreciate any help or insight. Thank you in advance!

Hi Matthew - can you check the permission on the doc? It is coming up as needing us to request access.

Thanks for catching that Brendan, just updated in the original post

Dear @Matthew_Ventrella

Without coding you can create the interactive filters as in this screenshot:

On the column header you go to filter, select interactive filter, create controll and you are ready to go

I have put the filter options for you in RED



There are many ways to do this. Below is a generalized approach. Play with the filter controls in this doc and study the filter formula to understand what’s going on. Then you can customize it to fit your specific requirements.


Thank you Jean and Ander for your answers. For whatever reason my interactive filters weren’t working properly (causing the Matching identification problems stated earlier), but I’ve used Anders formulas and have built the function.