Filter by multiple dropdown

I am trying to create custom filters to a table. I have been able to get most filtres to work, but cannot get a multiple selectable option to identify multiple options in a look up table.
In the linked document I would like to be able to select multiple employees (shown in red) to filter the lookup column “Employees on Job” which has mulitple people selected.

Hi @Adrian_Matejko,

I checked your doc and I think issue was that your column of “Employees on Job” is a lookup to the Employees table so it returns the row value. Then your multiple choice filter uses Employees.Employees which is using the column value, which is text. So you’re comparing a row to text, which will never match.

Just change your multiple choice dropdown formula to `Employees" and lookup directly to the table there. Then add this to your table filter formula…

AND thisRow.[Employees on Job].Contains([Filter- Installers])

You should be good here. You’ll want to remove the choices you have now and make them again so they pick up the new row value when you make this change.

Hi Ben,

I have got it working now with your response.
As suggested, I changed the column from a lookup to a selectable item. The selectable item now has a formula which reads “employees.employees” and also changed the table filter to reflect what you outlined.

And then had to reselect the employees on site.
Thanks, mate.