Multiple filters in column dropdown

Hi all,

Just a quick query, is it possible to filter in a column dropdown list using multiple filters?

I would like to use all of those filters, however I can only select one.

In other words I’m only wanting the user to be able to select crew that can work for the selected customer, locations and job.



Did you try to select custom filter and then write the formula that will filter out information you need? You done need to use those predefined ones.

Hi @JasonB :slight_smile: and welcome to the community! :grin:

Off course you can apply multiple filters!
As @Marko_Petrovic said you have to select “custom filter” and then write down the formula that deal with your column, if you find difficulties in preparing that look at how the “default” formula are structured and copy them :slight_smile:

P.s. the trick is to use “AND” after a filter! :slight_smile:
Hope that helps, in case share the doc and we can see it together (now is not visible!) :slight_smile:

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@Marko_Petrovic thank you! yes I did, but I didn’t notice “Formula” at the bottom :slightly_smiling_face:

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