Multiple filters in one column formula


Does anyone know if there is a way to return a value from another table contingent on multiple criteria filters?


In case anyone has the same questions, just string all the different conditions together separated by periods


@Lane_Greer can you share a screenshot of the example you were working through? Curious where you landed!


Sure. Here you go.


@Lane_Greer I think you can also try to do the same with an &&-Operator.

Something like that:
.Filter(thisRow.Customer=Customer && Primary=True)

I think it would be interesting, if this could make a difference in performance. @evan @jerols

Probably with chaining, Coda has to perform one request for the customer(s) and another request for the primary filter. Witihin one filter function, Coda only needs to do one request. But maybe Coda brings chained filters together anyway…

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