Using people as an interactive filter

Might be a really simple one - but also might not be possible.
I love the column type people - really makes a bunch of things much easier for project management etc.
However, I’m not trying to filter a table view by being able to select a person from a simple lookup control. Ideally, I’d like it to work in exactly the same way as a column type “people” does in a table.

I cannot find a formula that replicates this.

To explain it another way.

I have 5 people that might be assigned a task.

I want a selection (outside of a table) control to be able to select between these 5 people. Then I want to apply that selection as a filter for the table. Making the filter will be dead easy if I can just create the “people” type of selector.

I could fudge it by just making a table of the people that work on the docs, but as staff change etc etc, it would be awesome if one didn’t have to update the docs to make it work!

I want a control select that brings up the same people that a people column would in a table (like the following screenshot)…

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 2.36.25 pm

Cheers, B.

Wow yeah I’m not seeing that formula either. You could fudge it, create a single row table with the people selector, then ‘Allow multiple selections’, then ‘Select All’ then you have a list of all possible people you can reference with something like [Team].[All]

It doesn’t really solve your problem because you might have to update the Select All when new people come on board, but it shouldn’t be too difficult, nor are you likely to forget (because they will remind you :slight_smile: )

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Yeah! Its even more confusing given its so easy to filter a table for the current user… just not a selectable staff member.
I think I’m just going to fudge it, but surprised this isn’t a thing.
Any ideas for a clever fudge where it doesn’t need user-updating when new staff join?

I ran into this today! I was able to fudge it by using this formula: Filter([Completion List],User() ) . Where the Completion List is the name of my table. But this would require everyone to have a record already in the table. Not a big deal once the table gets going but hard at the start or when new people are added.

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