User() controll dropdown in dashboard

A dropdown control at the top of the page that all my charts tables can use to filter by user selected.

I already have a page that uses User() to make the dashboard relevant to the current logged in user, but as the manager, I want to be able to use a dropdown to change who I am looking at and for it to affect the whole table.

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I think that what you are looking for are Interactive filters :blush:

Yes, but that option is not available when I right click on my Assigned column that is of type People.

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You can create a Select control on the canvas and add in the Selectable items of that Select control add a formula looking like this :

[Your Table].Assigned.Unique()

Then in the Filter options of your table you should be able to select your field Assigned and then find the Uses interactive filter and select the Select control you’ve just created.

Another way would be to right-click on your Assigned field and then Filter -> Interactive Filter and you should find the new Select Control you’ve just created there :blush: .

Edit : I’m suggesting to create a Select Control yourself because for some unknown reasons, the Create select control wouldn’t work :thinking:

Thank you!

Is there a way to have a default User selected? (ie User())

Dear @N_G ,

Next to the great support of our dear @Pch , I recommend to check out this post from maestro @Paul_Danyliuk

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