Preset/Saved User Filters

Hi, does anyone know how to implement something like this?

Say that I have a dashboard and there are wayyy too many user filters. It would take >30 clicks to set up a custom filter. Say that I want to be able to save these filters for use later in the future. Is there a way to create a table to save all the filter settings and then from a dropdown choose a preset filter selection option and then click a button to load all these filters all at once?

This would save my 30 clicks into 1 click

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I don’t think there’s a way to do this with Coda’s native user filters feature, because afaik you can’t change them via action formulas.

However, there was a workaround we used to use before Coda implemented user filters. Here’s a breakdown of how to implement DIY user filters:

The following won’t make much sense til you digest the above, but once you have those filters in place, you can take it to the next level with another table of Saved Filters. To sketch it out:

  • This Saved Filters table would also operate in a way where users could only see their own rows
  • You’d have a column in the saved filters table for each filter parameter, but when showing saved filters to the user, you would only show the name of the saved filter, and a button allowing them to use it
  • You could use buttons to push the filter settings between the saved filters table and the current user filter table row (you could have buttons set up for each direction, such that you could load a saved filter, or save the current filters)
  • you could even set it up so that users had their individual filters, but at the same time you could publish a few useful/common ones shared by the whole team

It will be a lot of clicks for you to set up initially, but then will work to save all those clicks for your users.

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