Non-Collaborative Select Control

I am using a select control as user input for a button action. Unfortunately, when one user changes the select, other users see the update, so if two people wish to provide different inputs, they can interfere with each other. This is because the select control is “collaborative” - changes by one user are shared with all users.

Is there a common pattern for isolating users from each other when changing values on a select control? For example, I could imagine a column of select controls filtered by user, such that each user has their own control, but this would require creating a select control row for each user the first time they come into the document (such a “first-time” hook is under consideration).


There’s been talk about adding a toggle to every canvas control that would make it user-specific.

It’s not implemented yet, so until that’s done you can use this approach:

P.S. Yes, that’s exactly what you described