Controls and multiple concurrent users

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Is there a way to allow users to “drill down” into data without effecting other, concurrent users?

I have created a document with a fair number of connected tables. I used a control to display only the data relevant to a specific user (not just the current user), filtering multiple tables and presenting a summary.

However, in taking the team through this doc, I realised that controls are shared. We were all effecting each other’s view of the document.

Is there a way to allow everyone from the team to actively work with the same document, applying their own control values?

Thank you.

You could create a section for each user with a separate view of the same data.

Thanks Richard. That is one of the options I have been considering, but it feels a little over the top.

At the moment, my scheme is to create a table for per user variables. Then I can use something like, [state].Filter(‘user’,user()).section.

I was just hoping that I had perhaps missed something obvious.

This issue of using Coda for personal documents vs collaboration among a small known group vs publishing to the public at large is a recurring theme. I suspect it is one of the major big-picture questions that has evolved from the Beta project. Related to this is the question of allowing granular permissions on a per-table or per-section basis.

A great solution to your particular question would be to allow for “personal controls” which automatically apply only to a particular user. While that would be amazing from a user interface perspective, it would probably be quite complex and resource-intensive to implement since the Coda server would have to track separate versions of the table for each concurrent user.

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I have now achieved what I needed with a table for personal variables.

A button modifies a user’s row in the state table with their current selection.
A named formula then returns the value in the row matching the current user, and I use this value for my filters.

Adding a new variable just requires a new column in my table.


@Peter_Brownell - Does that mean your document is collaborative in the sense that each user contributes a unique response to the same items - but there is no one part of the project which is jointly authored by more than one person?

I have built an organizational governance and workflow system, tracking people, roles and projects. Each person is contributing their own data for their own roles. While a smaller group is developing the document itself, a broader team is looking to contribute data.

Since there are a fairly large number of roles, and these change fairly often, I have no desire to create a copy of the role dashboard for each role. So, I need individual users to be able to manage their own roles, and this normally happens simultaneously during the same meeting.