Filtering a table/view with multiple criteria from canvas controls (Like excel's Data Segmentation tool)


Got ANOTHER awesome question today from @Fernando_Sudicovich about filtering a table in Coda similarly to Excel’s Data Segmentation tool, where you can select options in multiple categories above and filter your table accordingly.

You can do this by adding controls onto the canvas. For example, you can create a control called “Colors to Show”, a slider called “Greater Than”, and another slider called “Less Than”… Then you can filter your table to only show rows where the Color is selected in “Colors to Show”, and the Number is between the “Greater Than” and “Less Than” values. Then as you make selections in the controls, your table/view updates live.

Here’s an example doc with sections to show a couple ways to do this. One uses a select list for colors, and one uses a Colors table with checkboxes for show/hide – and then sets the “Color” column in the filtered table to lookup from the “Colors” table. :smiley:

Play around, open up the filter formulas to understand how they work, and reply with questions and followup ideas! You can really go crazy with this and add as many dimensions as you want for your filter. :slight_smile: And the fun part is you can customize exactly how each control interacts with your table filters.

Happy filtering!


Simply Great, i know i´ll end up forgetting Excel with this kind of stuff
Thank´s again Moriah for your accurate and quick response.


shall we forget about “.matches” in filtering a table using your approach?


hoping in future you will add a way to save and activate/deactivate multiple complex filters for a table :slight_smile:


@Francesco_Pistillo No need to forget about the Matches formula! That’s a great point, Matches() is an excellent way to check against the value of a control on the canvas. :slight_smile: