Multiple Table View at once like Notion

Is it possible to make different table views at once under one heading such as notion, and if so, is it possible to filter other added views in addition?

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Hi Batuhan,

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Most of the people in this community are not familiar with Notion.

Could you elaborate, in user terms, in what it is that you are trying to achieve?

It is usually better not to try and replicate the spreadsheet, Notion, Roam Research or other tool that you are currently using.

Rambling Pete

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Hi @Batuhan_Gumus, it won’t look exactly like your screenshot, but I’d recommend using canvas controls to achieve the same thing. For example you could have a checkbox above the table (Show all), and then reference that checkbox in the Filter formula of the table/view:
IF(checkbox=True, True, …)
Does that make sense? Your controls could be more than just a checkbox too: a date range, a select list, lookup values from another table, etc.

Or you could create buttons that toggle this checkboxes (hidden elsewhere) on/off. That would make it easier if you have multiple checkboxes, you wouldn’t have to uncheck the one active and then check the one you want. One click on a button → uncheck all and check the one specific to this button.

But I tend to agree with @Piet_Strydom , this is an acceptable solution if you have a small document but if you want to apply this kind of presentation on every page, it might too much work ?

Maybe you could use collapsed views ?
Capture d’écran 2022-10-28 à 13.31.48

In Coda you can click on the ‘link’-like icon beside your master table Title, and it will show other views connected to that table.

But from your screenshot, seems like you’re trying to filter the view of your table. And if so you can create a filter for your table or use a Control as filter.

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