Requesting Filter sets

There may already be a way of doing this but I would love to have named formula sets for tables that would allow me to easily re-use sets of filters across different views. I guess the way to do it right now is just to have one long formula of filters that you note down somewhere, but I’d love a more simple way of doing this that shows the filters using the UI and not as a formula


What you can do is set up a set of select controls, and then reuse them in each view.

Alternatively, if ALL of your views will be the same, you can setup your table as needed, and let the settings flow through from there.


Setting up a set of select controls is just what I’m trying to avoid having to do over and over again. I’m sort of picturing either a “use filter rules from:” option (kind of like how conditional formatting works) or being able to label a set of filters and reference them elsewhere (kind of how layouts work in detail view)

How about this old trick?

This is basically implementing select controls but as column in a table where each row corresponds to a user. Then you can put views of that one row across the whole of your doc.

P.S. If all you want is to show the same set of rows as in some other view — you can use this formula as your filter clause:


Then what happens is:

  • Filters get applied to SomeOtherView
  • Querying the view in a formula returns only those rows that are displayed
  • Checking for Contains() will let through only the rows that are displayed in that other already filtered view.

Thanks for sharing! That SomeOtherView.Contains(thisRow) is actually perfect. Didn’t think of that. I can set up some tables on the admin side to reference. Then they’ll all update across the doc whenever I change the filters on those base tables. Works great!

Your other solution goes over my head a bit but I’ll take a look and see if I can figure it out. Seems super useful potentially.