Filter Button to Toggle Table Views

I would love the ability to create a filter button automatically so I can toggle table views without needing to create a separate view (especially if it’s located across the top of the section (where the title sits)). :slight_smile:

I know I can create formulas in a button to do this but it would be nice to just create the filter I want and then choose to make it stick somewhere.

Please and thank you :pray:


How does one create the formulas to filter a table with a button by a select column?

hi @Krista_Remi :slight_smile:
I’m pretty sure you can achieve this by using an intermediate Table (we can call it “Filter settings”) that act as a “variable”, in which you can write the output of the filter (like true or false, or 1,2,3, or green/black, or <2 or >today or whatever).
Then this value is again read by the filtered view that behave accordingly :slight_smile:

The same approach could also work for you @Drikus_Conradie :slight_smile:

P.s. i’ll love to have formulas as variables, creating more procedures with passing variables, but i’m also pretty sure that coda have a to do list between bugfixes and features of 1/2 years, so let’s see what will they release for us :blush:

Hi Drikus~ See this post for creating buttons that filter… How to create filter buttons that toggle off/on:

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Thank you, Mario…and yes, I have thought of creating a filter table…just waiting for them to release something like a “Saved Views” option where I can stay in the same table and switch easily between them. I’ll be patient. :slight_smile:

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@Krista_Remi i’ve already done similiar multiple-filtered views, if you are really interested we can share a doc and try to achieve what you want :smiley:


You’re the best, Mario…so generous of you to offer! And I may take you up on that as soon as I get caught up on some other things. :slight_smile:

Share it . Please @Mario

@Krista_Remi it’s a pleasure to help someone and play with coda at the same time :grin:
Let me know when you’ll be free :slight_smile:

@Steve_Yang i would but my plan is to sell it so i can’t :crazy_face:

Sell template ?

@Steve_Yang not really!
my plan was to sell access to the doc to the actual users that will use it, so the app will have his own logo and etc, no white label yet :slight_smile:
(my app formulate complete diets for pets, so directly to pet’s parents or vet’s or breeders ecc)

P.s. this have slightly gone off-topic :sweat_smile:

You’re a whilte -lable guy.

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