Use a button to select rows in a table


Forgive me if this is an easy question, but I’d like to use a button to target a table, and then transition select rows in the table. Specifically, the table will represent a list of discussion points my team has assimilated over the last few weeks. I’d like to organize a meeting agenda, and the way I’d like to do this is look at the items in the table, select the ones that I want to talk about in the meeting, then click the button to create a new row - the meeting itself - which will associate to the rows in that table (the discussion points) that I selected. I assume that this new row created for the meeting will live in another table that will house rows for each of the various meetings I might run this way.

A key thing I’m trying to accomplish is to be able to view the table with the discussion point rows “as is” without resorting to, say, an order where the discussion points are at the top or bottom. I’d like to be able to manually select out of the list the items I want to talk about in this meeting agenda.

Many thanks in advance for any help with this!

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Here are some ideas you can play with. You can also incorporate buttons and moving rows from one table to another.


Thank you! I have downloaded this and playing with it a bit, glad you think that the functionality should be doable.

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Please where is the button and how do you set it?

My aim is to have a button to select the next row in a detail view, can I do that?

I am also trying to understand how to use a button to filter a table . I do not see where this button element is in your example above. What am in missing?