Use a button to select rows in a table


Forgive me if this is an easy question, but I’d like to use a button to target a table, and then transition select rows in the table. Specifically, the table will represent a list of discussion points my team has assimilated over the last few weeks. I’d like to organize a meeting agenda, and the way I’d like to do this is look at the items in the table, select the ones that I want to talk about in the meeting, then click the button to create a new row - the meeting itself - which will associate to the rows in that table (the discussion points) that I selected. I assume that this new row created for the meeting will live in another table that will house rows for each of the various meetings I might run this way.

A key thing I’m trying to accomplish is to be able to view the table with the discussion point rows “as is” without resorting to, say, an order where the discussion points are at the top or bottom. I’d like to be able to manually select out of the list the items I want to talk about in this meeting agenda.

Many thanks in advance for any help with this!

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Here are some ideas you can play with. You can also incorporate buttons and moving rows from one table to another.


Thank you! I have downloaded this and playing with it a bit, glad you think that the functionality should be doable.

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Please where is the button and how do you set it?

My aim is to have a button to select the next row in a detail view, can I do that?

I am also trying to understand how to use a button to filter a table . I do not see where this button element is in your example above. What am in missing?

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@Ander Really appreciate the help of late. Wanted to jump back here as I see a few others have asked about this, and I too have now played with your example, which has a lot of what I am trying to accomplish, and was wondering if you could help out further:

To clarify, what I’d like to do is have a list of items, which could be handled by the “discussion points” table you created in the middle of this doc. What I’d like to do ultimately is have a way to select certain of those points, say #'s 3, 8, and 11, and then, while those are selected, “push” a button, or an equivalent process, and create a new row which includes references to those three items. This row would be the meeting. What i’m missing in your doc is how to select the items, then add a new row that includes those selections.

Thanks again for all the help!


I don’t use this method myself, so I’m sure others have more refined techniques. But here is one possibility, which should illustrate some larger principles. See section: “add points to meeting.” Click a check box to get started:


  1. Did you see this feature release yesterday? 🎛 Launched: Easy Interactive Filtering using Controls
  2. I don’t filter tables using buttons, but could probably figure something out if necessary. Do you still want to filter tables using a button?

Yes! Interactive filters are awesome! This will help me a lot building out interactive docs

@Ander really appreciate you taking the time to help me. I need to digest a bit more - sorry I’m a coda novice - but I think you are capturing what I’m trying to accomplish.

And yes interactive filters excellent! I am looking forward to the feature that lets you read the formulas they generate so I can learn good practices by studying them!

Thanks again!

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You can access their formulas by a right-click on the control created when using an interactive filter (they are “simple” out-of-a-table controls but not all of them need a formula to work) … Idem for the formula used in the “Filter” menu in the table with “Show Formula” :slightly_smiling_face: .

As a novice myself, I already learned one or two useful things looking there :wink:

Hi @Aaron_Westberg, it’s not that pressing a button changes the filter on a table, but rather, pressing a button changes a value of another control (such as a select list or checkbox), and your table references that control in its filter.

Does that help/make sense??


Thank you . That does make sense and I will try that.

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Hello again,

I have been trying to move forward on this meeting concept, and as I move along in Coda with my plan to bring my team into Coda with as much activity as possible, I realized that I actually have a need to be able to add any “action item” I am tracking in a row into the meeting in question. Ideally I’d also like to be able to create an action item of any sort while in the meeting. This is challenging me, as I’d like to have the meeting note reference the action item in question, however if I plan to have available all my items from Coda, would that not mean that I’d need in theory a lookup that could get at all the tables I’m using? If I use the “@mention” to bring in item links, I’ll lose the reciprocal link back to the original row, since @mentions don’t auto link back to the source.

We used Jira a lot, and in Jira you could link any issue from any project to any other, and maintain reciprocal links. So I think in essence I’m hoping to set that up in Coda, if possible. The main thing I’m trying to gain here, which would be unique among any project management apps I’ve ever seen, is to both 1) take a meeting note as a unique record of data, a row in this case, and 2) note all the discussion/action points from the meeting straight in the issue in question via a subtable in Coda that includes those issues in rows, and automatically picking up the reference to the meeting, which is the originating row. My point with selecting the items across coda with a button was to try to get the items into the meeting for discussion in the first place.

Hope that makes sense, and eager for any advice out there to try to get this accomplished, thanks!