How to apply table filters with buttons?

Hi there,

I want to have a Kanban board which can be filtered using buttons above it, like so using the Task Board template:

It doesn’t seem like we can edit a tables filtering settings directly from a formula, so my next solution was to create a formula which just contained text which the table would then look at to filter by. Then, I update that formula via button. This would work but I don’t think I can update the contents of a formula from a button? Hard to explain so the doc embedded above should clear it up.

To do this, create a helper table (some ‘secret’ table) with one row and one column (to prove the principle). This will be used to create the criterion you are filtering on.

Next, create a named formula that gets the value stored in the ‘secret’ table

Finally, set a filter for the original table that uses the named formula to filter against.

I have created a very quick demonstration below:

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Hi @Josh_Unwin1,

I understand your need: having a dynamic filtering of a table.
This is doable quite easily.

What I don’t actually get is the solution and the need to use one (or more) buttons: is this a necessary requirement?

Otherwise a select control would do the trick.

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Ah nice solution @David_Clegg!

@Federico_Stefanato Good point, I could just use a selection dropdown, I felt the buttons would jump out more to non-techy people.

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Buttons are fairly wasteful and harder work - and not very scaleable if the number of filtering options increases dramatically, however, they stand out very easily and are (arguably) more intuitive for novice users who do not really understand the concept of filtering.

Personally, I would setup a ‘Select’ (dropdown list). This can be done automatically by right clicking on the table column you wish to filter and choosing Filter—> Interactive Filter —> Create Control

If you look at my solution above I have modified it to show BOTH techniques of filtering!

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