Can you use a button as a filter for a table?

I would like to click on a button and filter a table, instead of using the interactive control filter.

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Yes! But you just need to keep the control. Keep it but hide it

Then have the buttons set that controls value to the corresponding value of the button


Works like a charm!

Is it possible to create a formula that would do a filter control identical to one that is automatically created? In other words what is the formula behind a Filter Control?
If that existed I could just use that formula inside a button, right? And avoid extra hidden Control Filter.

Unrelated to the first topic (kinda)

There is another side question that popped up while trying to achive this.
Is it possible to select, for example; first, second and fourth value from a list?
Something like listOfRows.Nth(1, 2, 4).

Or to select all rows from a list, except few.
Something like listOfRows.allExcept( 2, 4, secondRowFromTheEnd)

Hey @Fran_Vidicek ,
you can use the ‘Show formula’ option to see whats going on.
Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-28 um 14.23.25
But this will not help to get rid of the control. The filter needs an input value that he uses to filter data. That value needs to be stored somewhere. The button can then manipulate the storage. You can use a table, a control etc., but you can’t just use a button to manipulate the filter itself.

But the control doesn’t have to be near. You can make a new page with all your controls and admin stuff and hide it in the end.

Regarding the other question you can do something like this:
Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-28 um 16.04.05
or this
Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-28 um 16.04.29

I’m not quite sure regarding the except statement, maybe with filters. For most cases probably easier to just use basic filtering without all the nth/sequences by just working with the data you have.


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