Set filter with a button

Hi everybody
I would like to put a filter of the table in the section via a button.
I can not get it though. Can someone give me an example?
The filter in the table to set directly works fine but the button does not work


Dear @Max_Huttmeier,

As far as my knowledge goes, you will need to create a control to be able to filter your table, buttons do not have this functionality
Below is one of the many supporting materials available:

Hopeful I have been putting you in the right direction.

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As @Jean_Pierre_Traets mentioned, the best way would be to use existing controls to use as a filter.

I could see that in some cases you want to use buttons - here’s an example how you could do it. Doesn’t scale for all cases (like where you have big set of possible values to filter on)


Thanks for your advice. But my approach is different:
If a user in a view has filtered and sorted the data differently, he should be able to set a standard filter and a standard sorting with the button again.
So I need a function that writes a filter statement in the table filter and thus restores a standard.
Is this possible?
Greetings from cologne / germany

I like the idea; I don’t think it’s possible the way you’re intending to do it. You can do what Krunal suggested and turn the filter criteria into a column but that complicates it.

It would be nice to store a set of filters and sorts to a data set. Power BI has a similar feature called bookmarking. I’d be all for it.

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+1 on being able to save different configurations of filtering/sorting rules.

Having the ability to toggle between pre-saved configurations would be a huge time saver.

In most of my projects this would eliminate ~70% of my Views (plus navigating to those views and waiting for them to load).

It would also save the time and effort of rebuilding filter/sort rules after deleting them or modifying them for various purposes that don’t warrant separate views.

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I was actually digging around a bit. There’s a hacky way to do it:

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Here’s another example of how to filter a table using a button:

This has a separate table of filter settings that you can enable/disable via buttons on the canvas.