How to format valur based on other column


I’m dealing with a very simple thing but I can’t solve it.

I just need to change color of a value if it is more than other columns of the same row.
I’m sharing a image: I need to format values of the column “Ejecutado” if is greater than “Estimado”.

Any ideas?


You can add a conditional formatting rule with a formula Ejecutado > Estimado

Hey @Paul_Danyliuk thanks!

That was my first guess but I can’t click on Formula Field, my click does not affect the field. When I want to enter the condition it remains greyed.

Hm. I don’t know, works for me. I click the grey field that says Enter condition, and a formula editor opens up. I’m using Chrome.

Try clearing browser cache. Open developer tools (F12), then make a right click on the Refresh button and select Clear Cache and Hard Reload. You can also spot if there are any errors in the developers tools tab Console.

If nothing helps, contact support via Intercom (the ? button in the bottom right)