How to set Conditional Formatting Formula rules that reference multiple columns

I am really unsure how to set conditional formatting rules using formulas that reference more than one column or row.

This is a part of the project timeline I am putting together:

I want to have a conditional formatting formula that changes the “Days Overdue” cell red if "Days Overdue" is greater than 0, AND “Complete” is unchecked. I am having lots of trouble doing so.

I tried many variations, including the following:

  • (thisRow.[Days Overdue]>0)AND(thisRow.Complete=false)
  • (thisRow.[Days Overdue]>0)AND(thisRow.Complete.IsBlank())

Please note “Dates Overdue” is a formula column:

  • if(Days(Today()-thisRow.Due)>days(0),(Days(Today()-thisRow.Due)),0)

Any suggestions?

Hello @Carrie_Fix!
I recreated your doc and the first formula works fine, maybe your problem is here? Maybe you have nothing selected.
This is why it is important to share a dummy file, because sometimes like this, the error may not apparent.

Thanks @Saul_Garcia for testing it out. I initially avoided dummy files b/c I am a free user that’s low on quota space, but in interest in solving the problem I went ahead and made one:

Appreciate your help!

Hello @Carrie_Fix!
Oh, I get it. Don’t worry, I fixed it for you!
I’m so sorry! the problem was indeed in the formula! :sweat_smile:

There are 2 ways of using the AND

  • The most performant way would be using it as you did but without parenthesis:
    thisRow.[Days Overdue]>0 AND thisRow.Complete=False

You can still use parenthesis this way but you have to make sure there is a space after the AND
(thisRow.[Days Overdue]>0) AND (thisRow.Complete=False)

  • The other is the not as performant and do not recommend as it is harder to read in a formula:
    AND(thisRow.[Days Overdue]>0, thisRow.Complete=False)

I hope this helps clear things up. :smile:

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Thank you @Saul_Garcia!

This did it for me, really appreciate your help!
I hope I’ll be able to conquer the formulas one day! :sweat_smile:

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