How to set conditional colour formatting for multiple checkbox columns?

Hi all,

As the title states, I am trying to set conditional formatting colours for multiple checkboxes. My table set-up is currently:

  • Column 1 (Checkbox)
  • Column 2 (Checkbox)
  • Column 3 (Checkbox)

I’d like to write an if-statement. If all these columns are checked, then the colour changes to grey text. If not, then these columns stay the same. In terms of formula, I was only able to write the first part with a boolean value:

if (column-1 && column-2 && column-3 = true, ifTrue, ifFalse)

I’d like to ask for help for the conditions ifTrue and ifFalse. ifTrue, what would I use to change the colour to grey? And ifFalse, how would I be able to leave the current colour as it is?

If I’m missing something, please let me know. I just thought to post this as there might be other curious Codans on the same problem.

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Hey there!

Is this what you are looking for?

When you write a conditional format like that you don’t need to use the if statement. The conditional formats are essentially reading your statement as true/false and formatting when finding true

Hopefully that helps!

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Sorted! A lot easier and straightforward than what I was trying to do. Thanks Scott :slight_smile:


Hey @Scott_Collier-Weir - what did you check for the Apply to field? I wish to have a similar formula, but with OR instead of AND, while marking only the row / column combination that matches the rule.

For your screenshot and my formula, this would mean something like:

  • first row - all grayed out
  • second row - only the first two are greyed, the last one is not
  • third row - only the first one is greyed, the last two are not.

Appreciate it!

Ahhh yours is a different use case then. You would need to create one conditional format rile per column

And each rule would just turn that individual cell Gray if the checkbox is checked.

That sucks :frowning_face: I have 53 columns, I though there might be a simpler way.