Launched: Faster Column Type Selection & Cell Editing

With more work happening in virtual spaces, we made some small changes to how you create and update column types to remove a few clicks and make things a bit faster for you.

Quickly Pick & Switch Column Types

Before, when you wanted to change column types (for example: from text to date), you had to click to open the column options and then make you change within the menu that popped-up. Now, you’re able to quickly search and switch column types directly from the column formatting drop-down menu .

You may also notice we’ve made it a bit quicker to set your column type when adding columns to a table as well. Now, when you add a column by clicking ‘+’ at the right of a table or right-clicking on an existing column, you can pick the type of new column right away.

More Cell Formatting Options

When right-clicking on a cell, we’ve historically shown few options for editing or formatting that cell. Based on your feedback, we’re adding Filtering , Grouping and Formatting to this menu.

We hope these changes make working with tables in Coda a bit more intuitive and fast for you and your teammates.


Noticed and appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: Especially the ability to set column type when adding it between other columns.


Thank you for looking into the small things to improve workflows. Much appreciated.

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Yeah noticed this yesterday, excellent change, thank you!

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Really very helpful: thank you!
Can’t wait for a “Duplicate Column Settings” and I’ll be done with columns editing :wink:


Today I got why you suggest this idea. “Duplicate Column Settings”

I have a lot slider columns, every one have to repeat by hand. :joy:

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